world trade organization

It鈥檚 been nearly a year since the U.S. announced support for waiving vaccine patents, but influential countries have yet to release a possible agreement.
The trade body ruled that the U.S. didn't adequately substantiate its claim that the products hit with the tariffs benefited from allegedly unfair Chinese practices.
Leaders of 19 countries agreed to support the Paris accord on fighting climate change with the U.S. the lone holdout.
President Donald Trump used the summit in Argentina to make his own trade deals.
The proposal to give Trump unilateral power on tariffs isn't a done deal, though.
The EU is challenging the legality of the new tariffs and aims to hit U.S. goods with retaliatory measures.
The tariffs have increased frictions with U.S. trading partners worldwide and have prompted several challenges before the World Trade Organization.
The trade war with China and Europe's far-right ascendence share a common lesson.
Trump is a bad messenger for a reasonable idea.