World Vision

The leaders asked the first daughter to make sure the Trump administration enforces an anti-trafficking law that protects unaccompanied children.
More than 1.4 million South Sudanese people have been forced to flee across borders in the last year.
In early June, Israel detained the director of the World Vision charity organization in Gaza. Two months later, early August, Israeli security authorities stated that Mohammed El Halabi was arrested because he diverted millions of dollars to Hamas, which were spent for its activities.
Going to work means taking your four-year-old with you, because there's no school for him to go to.
Transformation happens when we take responsibility for the world around us. Whether it's our spiritual lives, our relationships, or our community, transformation isn't a passive process.
When I stepped inside the stall in Kenya I nearly vomited. The smell was overwhelming. Since that jarring experience five years ago I have been slightly obsessed with pit latrines and toilets when I travel to low-and middle-income countries