world war 2

President Donald Trump told a rally crowd he misled Americans about the coronavirus pandemic to avoid panic and compared his leadership to Winston Churchill during World War II.
Jamie Dornan, Cillian Murphy and Sean Ellis join HuffPost to talk about the historical thriller.
This New Year, let's think not about changing who we are, but about remembering who we are as individuals and as a people. There are, I think, two basic things we need.
Two Trees in Jerusalem, which has now been translated into English and is newly available in the United States, is a deeply personal, intimate memoir by a German woman, Cornelia Schmalz-Jacobsen, recalling her childhood years in Germany during World War 2 and the Holocaust, and her parents' highly exceptional actions in protecting and rescuing Jews from the Nazis.
A doctor determined that Reinhold H. is fit to stand trial so long as sessions are limited to two hours per day, a German state court said.
Will the prime minister apologize for Japan's wartime legacy?
On the side of a road on the western side of the Urakami River, Yoshida was lowering a bucket into the well when he looked up and, like others across the city, noticed parachutes high in the sky, descending through a crack in the clouds.
The race has begun, every decade brought a ground breaking technological innovation, this decade is starting to unravel a mystery that men like Alan M. Turing spoke about in the 20th century, where machines will be more intelligent than humans, improving by themselves over time.
More than seventy years later, rolls of film taken during World War Two are finally being exposed to the light of day.
As a former servicemember, I have to admit that I'm always intrigued by how various entertainment entities observe Veterans Day.