World War I

Other items being auctioned include John F. Kennedy's Harvard sweater and the pen that Warren Harding used to end U.S. involvement in World War I.
The president's controversial remarks from 2018 were confirmed by multiple outlets, including Fox News.
By Elizabeth J. West, Georgia State University/The Conversation Though we often discuss World War I through the lens of history
The president, who was lampooned by the public and seemingly the French Army for missing the event, said his request to drive was denied.
"They were starting to learn German in Paris before the U.S. came along," tweeted Trump, who drew comparisons with Hitler for the post.
"My time in office was like one long scene from 'The Notebook,'" said the bogus former POTUS on "The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon."
Macron spoke out against the dangers of nationalism, an ideology Trump has openly embraced in recent speeches.
French President Emmanuel Macron warned that the “ancient demons” that caused World War I and millions of deaths were once again making headway.
The Ukrainian radical feminist activist group FEMEN claims responsibility for the stunt.
French President Macron warns of "the old demons" rising again, including nationalism -- a clear rebuke of Trump.
President dodges trip to honor U.S. war dead in France due to weather. Critics show how another leader behaved.
"Please don’t celebrate it. It’s an act of remembrance and commemoration."
The American president badmouths the French president on the eve of a commemoration of World War I's end.
This is a very personal issue for me and should be for all Americans.
"It looked like a World War I battlefield," Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown said.
There's been little political will to end mass shootings. But in the five years since Sandy Hook, these surgeons have evangelized a method to save victims' lives.
Why would anyone feel the need to write a children's book about a pit bull? I and the illustrator, Dula Yavne, have been
We have the tools and resources to protect children better, but we have failed to do so.
The Peace Cross memorial "has the primary effect of endorsing religion," a judge ruled.