world war ii memorial shutdown

“Our vets have proven that they have not been timid, so we will not be timid in calling out any who would use our military
A crowd converged on the World War II Memorial on the National Mall on Sunday, pushing through barriers to protest the memorial's closing under the government shutdown.
Police moved the protesters back to set up barricades between the crowd and the White House gate. An armored police vehicle
What's also inane about this is that, as Segraves takes pains to point out, the park rangers deployed to the World War II
Several conservative Republican members of the House of Representatives had arrived at the memorial to help veterans get
The NIH Clinical Center will be forced to turn away "200 patients who otherwise would be admitted to the NIH Clinical Center
Ironically, most of them were among the most vocal members of the House's right flank that pushed Speaker John Boehner (R
"Regardless of the shutdown, it makes no sense," said Rep. Steven Palazzo (R-Miss.). "Why close an open air monument?" "To