World War Z

Brad Pitt, M. Night Shyamalan and the late C.S. Lewis are at it again.
Prevention is the only protection. So if Illegal migration is a burning issue for you today, please re-examine your resistance to climate change.
When I would complain about some trivial disappointment as a child (or even a teen -- and, really, disappointments at that age never feel as trivial as they are), my mother would say, "Well, it's not the end of the world." Fortunately, she didn't live to see contemporary pop culture.
You may have to walk through the Valley of Death to reach a better place, but live like a zombie long enough and you might wish you'd made that walk. It took me 29 years to do it. It ain't no easy thing. But it's hard being a zombie.
We learned last week that "Game of Thrones" was 2013's most commonly pirated television show for the second consecutive year
"Shadow Walk" follows a team of soldiers, a priest and a scientist into a mysterious portal where the characters must confront their fears -- and establish whether they've stumbled onto a gateway to hell.
What is happening in the real world is a WHOLE LOT scarier than zombies taking over the planet. Which seems unlikely. The death of the oceans seems to be very likely.
I thought it was a fad, and it would die out. I was wrong. Zombies don't die, and neither does our fascination with them. All this leaves the unanswered question: why?
Hideously transformed children are still mostly forbidden by our aesthetic norms, but Shelley's novel reminds us that monstrosity takes many forms, and the most obvious are not always the most dangerous.
The potential for violence lives within all of us, and I'm no exception. Violence in my novels is contrived--it's pure fiction--but reflects a core truth about human nature. It's never meant to be gratuitous, but rather serves the story.
'World War Z' has owned it in the box office, DVD sales, and now they may be getting a sequel. So the guys over at Cinema
"World War Z", aka "Brad Pitt Zombie Movie" is now out on DVD and Blu-ray, so Screen Junkies thought this was the perfect
[via Variety] About that: The film's ending was scrapped and rewritten at the 11th hour by Damon Lindelof, Drew Goddard and
Vodou has been maligned for decades by those with little direct experience of it. However, Vodou has been the one constant during varying Haitian crises, representing more than 50 percent of the Haitian population.
You know the formula... start with all the most kickass, unnecessary scenes from the summer's biggest hit, add epic music
You might think marrying Angelina Jolie, raising a soccer team of children and being one of the most successful and desirable
With America having so little success in fighting unconventional wars over the last decade, perhaps it is time to learn from an unconventional army that wins. What are the military lessons that the Armageddon Armies of Zombiedom can teach us? Here are a few from World War Z .
This Spotlight Feature originally appeared on Quora. Q: What are some simple ways I can protect my home and family from zombies
We also take stock of the summer season so far, and see how the box office take of the big release stack up to their predictions