World War Z Movie

With America having so little success in fighting unconventional wars over the last decade, perhaps it is time to learn from an unconventional army that wins. What are the military lessons that the Armageddon Armies of Zombiedom can teach us? Here are a few from World War Z .
Originally set for release in December of 2012, Paramount pushed "World War Z" back six months to allow for some extensive
I'm curious to see how this all looks in 3D, and I'm curious to know what a paying audience will think. But for now, at least, the dark rumors that World War Z would be dead-on-arrival appear to have been greatly exaggerated.
The cover of June 2013's Vanity Fair is Brad Pitt's smiling face, but inside is a pretty juicy story about the behind-the-scenes brouhaha getting his next movie from page to screen. Based on the book by Max Brooks (son of legendary funnyman Mel and his late wife Anne Bancroft), "World War Z" was picked up by Paramount for Brad Pitt's Plan B production company way back in 2006.
He was just trying to save the world from zombies, okay? The problem? The weapons weren't actually supposed to work. "Guns
It's a fun little peak at the intersection of our real and fantasy worlds, and a good look at what the film has in store
The Oscar-nominee stars in "World War Z," an adaptation of the cult hit book by Max Brooks. While the book, as /Film points
While chatting up "World War Z" author Max Brooks at the booth for comic publisher Avatar Press, the writer confirmed to