World Water Day

Wastewater is no longer waste as innovation and holistic thinking enables water reuse and resource recovery. This piece is
This year, springtime met us in full-on crazy mode. We welcomed 70 degrees days with tank-tops and sunblock, only to find
On World Water Day, a massive rally unfolded in Lagos, Africa's most populous city, to protest the ongoing water crisis.
By Zenia Tata, Executive Director, Global Expansion, XPRIZE On World Water Day, we are served a powerful reminder that water
This piece was co authored by Virginia Sarah with Geordie Woods, Technical Adviser Neglected Tropical Diseases, Sightsavers
Girls who relieve themselves outdoors are often subjected to attacks and other awful risks.
I had already begun to appreciate the precious nature of water during my earlier work in East Africa. In two years of living
“There’s families in these little towns, and everybody depends on the work that these farms provide."
Since 1993, the UN has designated March 22 as "World Water Day," or a day for people around the globe to join together for an international discussion about protecting the world's most valuable resource.
The company is sharing its water-saving strategies with rivals.