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Palm oil is in nearly every product you use, and it's destroying vast tracts of land. Here's how you can help.
One year later, cities, states and businesses are stepping up to maintain progress.
Sudan, the last male northern white rhino is dead at the age of 45. Now, only two females remain on the planet.
"The world is looking for bold leadership at every level to tackle climate change and environmental conservation issues," the actor says.
A new project in Kenya hopes to protect animals during their most vulnerable time of day: night.
Our food system is massive--both physically and in regards to impacts. Agriculture occupies about 34 percent of total land
It's not fair. You could argue that we shouldn't even be having this conversation. It really isn't close. Image Credit: The
The Mack & Moxy: The Great Helpee Heroes DVD is great! It is as entertaining as it is educational. I learned a lot about
We are often told that the United States is more divided now than at almost any time in our history. If you're following the presidential election, it's easy to see what they mean. And it's not just in America.
Please Note: There are many ways you can support the conservation efforts of Sabah. One is the Orangutan Appeal UK or in
The Paris summit must establish greater global solidarity with the poor and vulnerable across the world, but especially in developing countries, particularly vulnerable island states and less developed countries.
I've never seen anything like it. According to the goose mantra, every moment is to be cherished, savored, revered. They may experience sadness over the loss of a mate or gosling but long-term depression seems to have no place in their realm.
Will climate change by itself break the global food system in the next 10 to 15 years? That's unlikely. But add population growth, failed states, armed conflict and political instability to the mix and the picture starts looking a lot more combustible. Places that are already grappling with other strains may well be driven over the edge by climate-induced food price spikes.
Carbon reduction pledges going into the Paris negotiations will get us about halfway to where science says we need to be to avoid the worst effects of climate change. Focusing on forests can help bridge that gap.