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"Dalits and Muslims are being told by the ruling party that they cannot be part of India’s vision," said the great-grandson of India's first prime minister.
We are leaving the postwar era that saw the U.S foster the founding of the U.N. and entering what may be a prewar period of global disorder.
"America First" is based in exclusivism, but Indonesia’s nationalism has far more pluralistic connotations.
The brutal crackdown on Myanmar’s Muslim minority is a reminder of ethnic violence in Rwanda and Bosnia.
By threatening to end Turkey's EU bid, the German chancellor just signaled to members of her constituency that they're politically expendable.
The primal drive for recognition in the global pecking order tests reasoned restraint in the North Korean crisis.
From Beijing to Cape Town, four stories of people in search of something different.
As the latest BRICS summit approaches, the group's economic future looks bright.
Moving away from Western influence, Africa is already getting a glimpse of a different future.
White supremacy is a lost cause. Former President Bill Clinton advises “mix and move on” as the U.S. becomes a majority-minority country.