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For decades, American civil rights advocates have connected the dots between the domestic fight for civil rights and the international struggle for human rights.
Russia, by contrast, has spent billions under Putin to upgrade and modernise the capabilities of forces that were dilapidated
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I spent a few days visiting with the female refugees, mothers and grandmothers who were tired and overwhelmed by the same tragedy that has befallen almost 10 million Syrians.
Western diplomats say he had resisted running for president until recently, fearful that managing Egypt's multitude of problems
2014-02-01-worldpostlaunchimagewholegroup3131.jpg The WorldPost got off to a running start with our launch high in the Alps last week in Davos, Switzerland. Our content in these early days has been true to our aspiration to create a site where the whole world can meet -- connecting the dots and connecting the world -- not looking out with a national perspective, but looking around with a global view.
An Italian court released its verdict in the murder trial of Amanda Knox and found her and former Italian boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito guilty.
American taxpayers are spending 25 billion dollars annually on the unemployment crisis alone.