World's Shortest People

Guinness World Records named Flossie as the world's oldest cat roughly a month before her 27th birthday.
Dubbed "The Carrot" due to its bright-orange hue, the hybrid leather and koi carp weighed 67 pounds and 4 ounces — making it the second-biggest of its kind.
A young bar-tailed godwit appears to have set a non-stop distance record for migratory birds by flying at least 8,435 miles.
"I produce an impossible amount of liquid during sex, even when I don’t want to."
Pebbles lived in South Carolina and was five months away from her 23rd birthday.
Nathan Crimp, 22, used the stunt to raise money for Dogs Trust, which shelters abandoned animals.
Duane Hansen may have broken the Guinness World Record by paddling an 846-pound pumpkin he turned into a makeshift boat down the Missouri River.
Mack Rutherford, 17, broke two Guinness World Records after circumnavigating the globe by himself in an ultralight aircraft.
This is the seventh time the French free diver broke a world record — and the second time in one week.
Diana Armstrong’s nails are 42 feet, 10.4 inches long -- more than twice the length of the previous Guinness World Record holder.