World's Tallest Man

Today, November 13th, marks the tenth annual Guinness World Records Day, when thousands of people around the world celebrate those who set records and others set out to break them.
Think you know a lot about Illinois? Let's take a little quiz then.
Per the Agence France-Presse, Kosen's wedding suit had to be custom made out of nearly 20 feet of fabric. His shoes also
"Since I was tall, I faced obstacles in life. I had rough days. I couldn't get out of my room," he told "My family
Miles Darden's typical breakfast included one dozen eggs, 30 buttered biscuits, a gallon of water and two quarts of coffee.
The world's tallest man met one of the world's smallest men last week as part of an event organized by the Guinness World
The world's tallest man, Sultan Kosen, was in New York Monday as part of his Guinness Book of World Records' world tour. The
Check out video of Liang below. ***SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO*** Bao Xishun is 7 feet 9 inches, so if the Guiness people can get