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We started an Element of Play (EOP) in the Orange Public Library in Orange, New Jersey in September 2015 and we are now looking
I watched each one of the service rangers fall in love with the children...kisses, caresses, laughter, and hugs can be seen
After the excitement of the after school programming, we headed home to rest up for dinner. We were exhilarated and couldn't
Last night we sat as a team and ate dinner and got to know one another. We ate barbequed chicken, scalloped potatoes, rice
I now recall the YouthMedia tour at the CPL and how I felt when I looked at the Apple computers and the stage demarcated
I am still working with families adopting children abroad and at home in the US. I don't want to give up this very rewarding work. To see a family be created out of pain and loss on both sides is a miracle.
Baptism at 55 Wall Street. He couldn't have planned it better if he'd tried. What holier a night than one aimed at saving children? What holier water than that shared with family and friends? What better symbol of the Kingdom of God than a party you don't want to end?
The adoptive parents are two gay men who have yearned to be parents forever and have been in a long term partnership for
9/11 is a reminder that with tragedy, there is resiliency and lessons learned. We go on and life is renewed and we are hopeful. I am inspired by all those who suffered losses on that day and will always honor this day for its historical significance and the reminder that Worldwide Orphans has a birthday on that day.
Post script TD graduated from Vocational Training school with a degree in Information Technology on September 6, 2015. He