When you go through a divorce, what you really need to ask yourself is if you want to be known for worms or evolution.
A young english schoolgirl was horrified when one of her McDonald’s french fries started moving!
I kept my heart in my gut and squeezed out all the dead cells of my skin, cleansed myself in the potpourri of the flowers, the bees rode on me and harnessed my power.
'Uniting to Stop the Worms' may sound like a science fiction film headline, but intestinal worm infections -- known as soil-transmitted helminthiasis (STH) -- are all too real. They impair the lives of a billion people worldwide living in areas with poor sanitation.
Our six-legged neighbors could solve the problems of growing poverty.
As a child growing up in the rural outskirts of Hong Kong, "wash your hands" was a frequent -- and wise -- admonition. The simple act of eating a piece of fruit or a chocolate bar with soiled fingers and licking those delicious flavors off already dirty hands may have resulted in a stomachache, or so much worse. I was lucky. Even today, intestinal worms caused by lack of access to water for handwashing affects nearly a quarter of the people on this planet.
The notion that parasites are ravaging populations -- and clearly, they are -- is hard to reconcile with the already-impressive and fast-accumulating evidence that the aftermath of eradicating parasites is ravaging other populations.
My students often remark on a 'weird' smell that comes from our vermicomposting bin in the classroom. A slightly "earthy" smell is produced as the worms break down fruits, vegetables, and starches into fertilizer that contains readily available phosphorous.
A wormy ancestor A modern pterobranch, Rhabdopleura normani. Each of these tube-dwelling worms is only 0.02 inches (0.5 mm
You may also think humans own the planet. You’d be wrong. Worms like the one in this video are Earth’s animal overlords; nematodes
"My personal favorite is Toxoplasma gondii," Dr. Farrell wrote, "the protozoan that infects cats (and is the reason pregnant
Considered delicacies in some parts of the world, these dishes prey on the phobias of the squeamish and even make some courageous eaters cringe.
That feathery shape has evolved, as it so often has, to maximize surface area for the aforementioned eating and breathing
PBS spoke to Paul Sternberg, a nematode geneticist at the California Institute of Technology who wasn't involved in the study
The problem with most holiday presents is that they're just so... lifeless. Not these.
In the adjoining museum devoted to the history of the Jews of Worms, there is a chilling photograph of the synagogue going up in flames during Kristallnacht.