At age 88, and with COPD, she falls into both the most vulnerable segment of the population -- and the most stubborn.
1. Let Go by Elior Moskowitz We often try to spare ourselves disappointment by thinking through how things could go wrong
A lot of writers worry about the future because no one knows how well the next book will sell. Keep your eyes on the page. That's where all your opportunities wait, where all your happiness and interest and pleasure waits.
The following four steps are an introduction to investing in inner insurance. They will get you started on the right path for developing the healthiest mentality possible for the future.
Sometime during the Obama Administration, I stopped sleeping.
Flight 146 from Zurich to New Delhi is late taking off, later than it's been over the past week. Normally I wouldn't care whether the A333 is a few minutes late, but this one carries my daughter freshly off her college degree, towards New Delhi for a month of backpacking through India with her boyfriend.
It is okay to admit that anxiety is a real, terrifying medical condition.
Most of what people worry about has a low probability of occurring, because we tend to take action about those things we
Remember that broken crayons still color.
Maybe you'll live to 100, or maybe you'll live to 55. Nobody knows. The one thing you can control is your attitude and the