worst dressed celebrities

The kimono sleeves on Blanchett's gown make it look a little bit like a bathrobe. If you're going to wear silk, you need
Morenca Baccarin Spencer is usually a fixture on our best-dressed lists wearing perfectly draped dresses -- but not this
The top half of this gown looks like a wedding dress, while the bottom half looks like a bad screensaver. Nothing is working
This dress is all kinds of unflattering. It looks like a black sack and the fabric is pulling in all the wrong places. An
Rihanna failed at menswear, Olivia Palermo picked an unflattering skirt and Adriana Lima looked like she belonged in another
Fit is key with a dress like this, but Hendricks missed the mark. A quick trip to the tailor would have done wonders. Woah
Natalie Dormer This dress looks like it was made out of pink tin foil. That is all. Lorde Kiernan Shipka Sometimes, less
Dakota Fanning We know that the stylist is a huge fan of an oversized fit and a boxy silhouette, but this is extreme -- even
Olivia Wilde Has the "Girls" star ever heard of a steamer? This is about one of the frumpiest looks we have seen her in, which
Sometimes less is more, and this coat dress is the perfect example. Not only is the tailoring spot on, but the plunging neckline