worst dressed celebs

Come on! Solange is just begging us to make a Big Bird joke. While we love the color on the singer, her matching yellow top
While we don't mind the hue of Lopez's outfit, the pants are a disaster. Wide-leg trousers are tricky to pull off and here
Jennifer Lopez This outfit is aging the young actress. The high-waisted, long skirt paired with that white blouse belongs
If you can make it past the severe top knot, the rest of Hudson's outfit isn't much better. The pants are pooling at the
This looks like an optical illusion gone wrong. Too many stripes in too many directions. Dakota Fanning Jessica Chastain
Sometimes, less is more. And by less, we mean less fabric. Is "The Hunger Games" star wearing two separate dresses? A black
Elizabeth Banks Anne Hathaway attended the premiere of "Interstellar" dressed as a tree, Rachel Zoe looked like a gum drop
Zosia Mamet This dress is better suited for a little girl than a mature actress. The overly bright pink hue and the cupcake
Jessie J picked a bad shade of the color for an appearance at the MOBO Awards, while actress Jess Weixler should not have
Lily Aldridge in Chanel Kate Bosworth's seemingly classic dress revealed a surprise when she turned around, Reese Witherspoon's
Not only does this color completely wash her out but the high neckline and long hemline skew matronly. We wish there had
Fanning's gown washes her out. Wearing nude is endlessly tricky so selecting the right hue is crucial to avoid throwing off
Check out the worst-dressed stars of the week and let us know if you agree with our picks. Miranda Kerr At this point, we
Hilary Duff This week we saw some of Hollywood's most stylish stars really trip up on the red carpet. And it made us very
We're not quite sure how the model managed to look frumpy but we can venture a guess. The dress has zero shape and the long
We're happy that Lindsay went with a modest neckline, but that slit is a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. Check out
Though we admire the costume designer's spunky sense of style, it's just not working here. Everything looks a little bit
Tyra Banks Black leather and lace is usually a winning combination, but the fit of Dawson's dress is a little snug. Had she
Victoria Justice Celebrities wore unflattering dresses, bizarre prints and busy outfits that landed them on the worst-dressed
Check out the worst-dressed stars of the week and let us know if you agree with our picks. Everyone knows that wearing a