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Whoopi Goldberg At the 2014 Oscars, the ladies on our worst-dressed list struggled with everything, from shapeless dresses
Tim Gunn joins Alicia on set to discuss the best looks of the evening.
Tim Gunn joins Alicia on set to discuss dresses worn by Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Kerry Washington and Charlize Theron.
Tim Gunn joins Alicia on set to discuss the Oscar fashions worn by andra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston, Amy Adams, Octavia Spencer and Helen Hunt.
Anne Hathaway continues to surprise us. After her awful wardrobe malfunction earlier this year, we expected that she would
The Oscars are almost here, making us nostalgic for red carpets past. But while we wax poetically about Sally Field's stunning
Style-wise, the Oscars are a time to shine -- or a time to fall flat on your face. We saw dresses that were draped to the
Well, this part is never easy. It's not in our nature to be catty, but some outfits that came down Sunday's red carpet left
You voted, and we listened--for the most part. Here are your (and a few of our) picks for the Oscars' worst-dressed. Then
LOS ANGELES--This year's Academy Awards pre-ceremony red carpet display has analysts worried that the divide between the