Wounded Warriors

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Ameen further explains: "If you were medically discharged from the Navy or Marine Corps, they have to look at that medical
Honor.... Where is it? Honor Vets by caring for them and giving them the medical service, the sheltering and benefits they've literally fought for.
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The number of post-9/11 service members suffering from PTSD, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), and other life-altering injuries is at an all-time high.
In the simplest terms possible, CAREN consists of a motion floor patients control with their movements, a support harness
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As TA rowers, Lorah and Helman use only their trunk and arm muscles, and their seats are fixed, as opposed to the traditional rowing stroke which uses the legs, trunk and arms and is done on a sliding seat.
We all have the power to prevent future WWP scandals and improve our society. We can be effective donors by adopting the attitude of savvy investors, and not only encourage our favorite nonprofits to be more transparent and accurately measure their impact, but also ensure that we can truly trust that nonprofit to spend our money wisely.
In the wake of the current scandal involving the waste and misappropriation of funds in the Wounded Warrior program, it's fortunate that we have an alternative model for helping to heal the psychic wounds of war.
A homespun quilt might not be the first thing you associate with a U.S. Marine, but Rachel Fredericks of Troy, NY, certainly appreciates that it is the first and only thing that comes to mind for a very special circle of women.
Happy Veterans Day to all past and present heroes! To honor them, we want to talk about a very special event. The Wounded
Talk of national support is a wonderful thing, and so is giving jobs to veterans, but this is about providing good jobs, not just any job. Through our hard work and sacrifices we, and countless other workers in retail, deserve better wages, better benefits and the opportunity to earn a better life.
Donald Trump has entitled his new book "Crippled America." If the Donald can call America crippled I can at least state with some confidence the man has very little awareness of what it's like to live out here.