Writer's block

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You are alive with possibilities. You just need to find them.
My sacriverance is fed from one key thing: hardcore, relentless, unwavering, blue-collar perseverance. I'm a fiend for this
Many writers think that best ideas will come to them when they readily sit at their desks. Ferris Jabr in The New Yorker
Stage 4 Distraction- This is where anything happening anywhere but in the story is the most interesting thing to happen to
And let's face it, since most people hate to write, especially in a texting/Instagram world, "writer's block" connects with
Do you get writer's block? As a writer, I know I do and when I do, I follow these 3 tips to bust through it as quickly as possible.
Quitting something you're passionate about certainly isn't easy. The last two years were complicated and dark. I'd retreated
Whatever the writing task, you may be facing a tight deadline and the last thing you need is writer's block -- that crippling feeling that nothing you write is right. Or worse, staring at the page or screen when nothing at all seems to flow from your brain to the screen.
What did I do? I spent 17 minutes tinkering with my new novel. I didn't get very far, but because I'd looked at it and tightened