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A union campaign can easily test the principles of a progressive organization.
Working on shows like "Real Housewives of Atlanta" often means working exhausting schedules without breaks or even overtime pay.
The win for Argo over Lincoln in the Adapted category further bolstered notions about what may happen next week at the Oscars for Best Picture.
What: 19th Annual Thai Cultural Day Why: Immerse yourself in the foods, martial arts, massage techniques and other fine cultural
But more to the point, because I believe almost 100% of texting is social and not urgent, and therefore unnecessary, is there
The 82nd Academy Awards on ABC was a mixed bag. It was a tepid start, but eventually picked up steam heading for the finish line.
The last month has brought some good news, and some bad, from the Mad Men front.
Mostly a writer behind the scenes, Larry had the timing and performance of a great standup. I will miss his writing, but most of all I will miss him. A good guy with a brilliant sense of humor and great human compassion.
He was an amazing writer and probably a better person. There may have been more renowned writers in a single medium, but his versatility was breathtaking.
You have to have a script to work with in order to do the novelization. An outline would be horribly inadequate. You also hope for supplementary materials.