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Establishing a platform proves to agents and editors that you are a) a rising star and b) that you have an established audience
With that being said how serious are you about your writing? Is this something you're doing for the love of money instead
I have attended writers' workshops, creative writing classes, and writers' conferences. And I've read countless books about
"A man is literally what he thinks, his character being the complete sum of all his thoughts." -- James Allen (As Man Thinketh
Is it easy for a man of 68 with long years of experience? Nope. But daily and weekly journalism, which consumed me when I
Since a good bit of your life [and grade!] will rely on essay writing, you may as well hone your skills early so you can shock your professors and continue to improve your grade.
I write to contract, which means I hear the constant clang of the deadline bell. Add in a high-maintenance family, which
When you write something, no matter how many times the idea has been conveyed, it is unique because YOU are unique. No one will a write something exactly as you do. And we need every last version, every individual nuance, every voice.
Outside of work I write novels. I have a monthly critique group. One of the men in the group is writing a story about aliens
5. It's A Window To Connecting With People I write stuff. I write words. I try to find the proper way to say things in a
CS: What occurs to me is the importance of voice. This might seem contradictory, but you can never stop being who you are
Many writers think that best ideas will come to them when they readily sit at their desks. Ferris Jabr in The New Yorker
Whether this sounds snarky or not it needs to be said, and I guess I'm going to be the one to say it. Please stop talking sh*t to writers.
This summer I was invited to the Mendocino Writers Conference, where at the opening reception in downtown Mendocino (where one can't help but evoke Jessica Fletcher of Murder, She Wrote) each presenter was asked to come to the microphone to share their best piece of writing advice.
In a recent piece on young rape survivors, Omar used Snapchat's digital facial-masking capabilities to hide the identity of the speakers, while still keeping visible the eyes and the nuances of facial expressions. Scroll down to watch the video below to see how this simple, powerful approach works.
When we realize we're more than our work, when we realize we're allowed to value ourselves more than we value the opinion of others, we stop taking our criticism and our praise so personally.
Because I'm worrying much less about whether or not my work is good enough. It might be, and it might not be. It's just not worth the energy it takes to worry about it - especially when I could be putting that energy into the work.
I always joke that I don't have many friends--I never have had. Everywhere I've lived, I seemed to pick up only one or two. But those one or two friends often became friends for life. So I have my couple of friends from college, from graduate school, and so on, and we'd do anything for each other.