writing advice

There are lots of people (including myself, once upon a time) that talk about writing but never actually commit to doing
The changes these people created for themselves required enormous bravery and a willingness to take a leap of faith. I admire
Unlike most writers I do not have a set genre I prefer to write. I have the memoirs coming, a romance fiction novel, then
Perhaps because of all that reading and storytelling I was exposed to, I've always felt that real life could be so much better
Why We Love a Quote A great quote can be the ultimate in a short, but heavy hitting message. We all love a good quote for
My experiences in the world of writing will be recounted in my memoirs, which I'm writing while also at work on a biography
Since a good bit of your life [and grade!] will rely on essay writing, you may as well hone your skills early so you can shock your professors and continue to improve your grade.
The downside of the author life is that it can take a while before you make enough money to hire support, but once I hit
When you write something, no matter how many times the idea has been conveyed, it is unique because YOU are unique. No one will a write something exactly as you do. And we need every last version, every individual nuance, every voice.
"Absolutely," he agreed. "Frankly ..." he said, pausing to turn down the radio. He and my 89-year-old Mother keep NPR on