wrongful conviction

After Anthony Ray Hinton spent 30 years awaiting his death sentence, his case went to the Supreme Court and he was set free. Now, he’s working to abolish the death penalty entirely.
The series shows "what it is like to be a person of color in America,” said Yusef Salaam, one of five men wrongly convicted of raping a woman in Central Park.
A New York Times columnist says Cooper was framed. Gov. Jerry Brown's order may prove that.
“Just by coming to work like this here every day is a blessing," said Nevest Coleman upon resuming his old job.
Less than 1,000 cases are likely to go forward after Annie Dookhan's conviction over faked and tainted lab test results.
Current Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb has pardoned Keith Cooper for what he called a "wrongful" conviction.
On behalf of the many innocent people in prison, I ask: why are the crimes that have been committed against us continually being swept under the rug of injustice?
In exoneration cases over the last two years, prosecution misconduct was responsible for 75% of the wrongful convictions.
The extension is critical for these men and women, some of whom spent decades behind bars for crimes they never committed.
A Louisiana parole board kicked back McKinley Phipps Jr.'s clemency request because it didn't include his nonexistent prison conduct record.