wrongful death

Alex Kearns' parents say the 20-year-old was led to believe he'd lost $730,000 on stock trades made via the investment app prior to his death last year.
Taylor's family attorney said the family is pleased but still “counting on the AG and DOJ to do the right thing and hold all responsible officers accountable.”
Gregory Hill Jr. was found 99 percent liable for his own death because he was intoxicated.
Michael Brown's family received $1.5 million while the dog's family received $1.26 million.
I was carrying my cousin on my back as I carry Sandra, Mike, Eric, Trayvon, and now Philando and Alton. All I want is justice for Kentrill. All I want is for you to know his name and say his name, too. Kentrill Carraway.
The Emanuel administration agreed to pay $4.5 million to the family of a woman killed in 2012 by an off-duty Chicago cop
"It’s unconscionable that they let this human being suffer like this.”