wrongfully convicted

False evidence and faulty investigations are just some of the issues conviction integrity units must review to right the wrongs of the past.
"This is a case from 1970," Andrew Hale says. "There was an attempted robbery at a drive-in movie theater in Belleville, Illinois
You keep telling people you're innocent. All you get in reply is, "Yeah, we hear that a lot." At that moment, each assumed he or she would be found innocent, because a guilty verdict was just too ridiculous to fathom. It would be the stuff of horror movies. Fiction. Then the jury foreman said, "Guilty."
Susan Mellen, 59, was serving out a life sentence in California for the death of her ex-boyfriend. But that sentence was cut short when a judge threw out her conviction, saying there was strong evidence of her innocence.
"Maybe they want to give a thing, not just money," she told The Atlantic. "It is a really nice moment in time, to see how
"There are two new witnesses, one of which admits to being the getaway driver from the shooting," Koss said. "He has come
Acting on new information that exonerated Ford, a judge in Shreveport ordered him released from Louisiana State Penitentiary
Years from now we will know that we stood on the right side of history.
We live in an era when getting tough on criminals is seen as a way to fight crime.
My name is Kerry Max Cook, but for two decades, I was known as "Cook, Execution number 600."
But the public defender failed to investigate and mount a proper defense, according to the ACLU report. They did not call
Villegas has said his confession was coerced by police who told him he would be raped in prison if he didn't admit to the
Here's wishing a Happy New Year to all innocent men and women who remain in prison as a result of false confessions or who have yet to be exonerated. May 2014 bring you the justice you so richly deserve.
More Americans are coming to learn -- as Europeans have known for quite some time -- that the death penalty is a fundamental violation of human rights. Capital punishment deprives human beings of their dignity and perpetuates a vicious cycle of societal violence.
The law was passed two months after the FBI admitted that in as many as 27 death penalty cases, the convictions had been
As procedural drama TV shows have taught us, every conviction in the U.S. justice system is the product of meticulous DNA
When an innocent person is exonerated and walks out of prison, it's always a big news story. What we don't see are the thousands of people who will never go home, not because they are any less innocent, but because there is some legal procedural bar stopping their case.
Delbert Tibbs was sentenced to death in Florida for the murder of Terry Milroy and the rape of his companion, Cynthia Nadeau. He was innocent. Delbert Tibbs was once quoted as saying 'God sent me to death row so I could be a witness.'
In this time of economic strain anyone who doesn't look at ways to cut their personal or business budget is just not being responsible. Same goes for the justice system.