wtf with marc maron

He'll push you through the nauseating smell of cow shit outside Amarillo. And sports talk always passes away the time. And
Besides the fact that stand-up comedy often provides some of the most insightful commentary about American culture, Marc Maron is living proof of the great potential in modern communications technology.
"We are not cured of it," Obama told Maron on his "WTF” podcast. "And it's not just a matter of it not being polite to say
The first Baller-In-Chief is past his prime.
"Are you sitting down?" So began the latest episode of Marc Maron's "WTF" podcast when he revealed the news that next week's
Originally known as a crass, nihilistic comedian, Marc Maron found a remarkable second life for himself in podcasting. And before you stop reading right there, consider that Marc's WTF podcast is the first-ever podcast to be catalogued by the Library of Congress.
No one is more surprised to find Marc Maron sitting securely atop a tidy little media empire than Maron himself. As his self-titled series on the IFC channel, Maron, enters its third season, there's a marked fork in the path between the fortunes of Marc Maron, the TV character, and Marc Maron, the actor who portrays him.
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"He's like, 'I didn't think you'd do the show. I thought you were a Conan guy. You know, I'm just a comedian. I'm just a
Maron's eponymous IFC series returns for a second season May 8 at 10 p.m., with guests including Conan O'Brien, Sarah Silverman, Ray Romano, David Cross, Karen Kilgariff, Rob Riggle, Wyatt Cenac, Bill Burr and more.
Marc Maron is one of the most honest and affecting comedic voices of today. But, for those unfamiliar, don't expect the sensibilities of Jay Leno or Bill Cosby.
Alex Guarnaschelli drops some truth bombs.
The plot gets more complicated, but what's more interesting is the conflicting reactions to the script that have been reported
I am in desperate and ridiculous TV love with Marc Maron, despite the fact that I know he is so wrong for me.
"I thought, 'I'm the guy who apologizes to people on my show,'" he continued. "Jon said, 'That's not going to happen. If
Podcaster and comedian Marc Maron joins Ricky on set to discuss why some people decline to be a guest on his 'WTF' podcast.
Every day people who never imagined themselves as inventors, business owners, culture shifters, and reinventors have begun exploring all those unexplored sides of who they are, and what they might become.
AUSTIN, TX -- Marc Maron hosted another live edition of his "WTF" podcast Sunday afternoon at the South By Southwest festival
Exciting news: HuffPost Comedy is going to start covering podcasts. What that means, exactly, is partly up to you. Like many fans of comedy, I have come to rely on podcasts as a valuable and enriching part of my humor diet. I first started listening to Jimmy Pardo's "Never Not Funny" around 2007, and it provided a valuable roadmap for tracing the origin and evolution of comedy podcasting.
Be sure to check out the entire interview, in which Maron discusses his past with Louis C.K. and why he doesn't like for