From a new omicron variant to information about the vaccine for kids, here's the latest.
With "half of early cases" linked to the area, it "becomes very difficult to explain that pattern if the outbreak didn’t start at the market," writes Dr. Michael Worobey.
Chinese authorities have not been transparent with investigators trying to figure out how the coronavirus pandemic started.
“Some of the evidence was right in front of our faces.” Condoleezza Rice said U.S. officials may have made a mistake by dismissing the possibility that COVID-19 came from a laboratory.
Sometimes wanting to see more data just means wanting to see more data.
The Wall Street Journal cited intelligence that three researchers at China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology had to be hospitalized in November 2019.
According to a draft copy obtained by The Associated Press, a lab leak is “extremely unlikely" as the source of the virus.
The findings support what scientists have been saying for months.
34-year-old Li Wenliang tried to warn the public about COVID-19 but was silenced by police for spreading rumors, eventually dying from the virus himself.
Health workers with no infection-control training or protective gear dealt with 200 Americans evacuated from Wuhan after the initial coronavirus outbreak.