The fact is, the FBI's dataset shows 2015 to be the third-safest year in the United States in the past two decades. While
West Virginia has long lagged behind the rest of the nation by almost every measure but is now suffering at record levels.
In response to the recent events at the University of Missouri, West Virginia University students, faculty, and administration stood in solidarity Thursday night. Demonstrators showcased their ability to support the necessary dialogue of campus culture while doing so in a peaceful manner.
Parmalee has had a wild ride over the last four years, one that almost didn't happen, after the Thomas brothers became victims of an attempted robbery in September 2010. "They had me at gunpoint and they fired on us," Matt said, "and Scott was basically just protecting (us)."
Paisley is a West Virginian through and through, and is definitely proud of being from this region of Appalachia. He kicked off the final leg of his "Country Nation World Tour" at the WVU Coliseum in Morgantown, W.Va.
As the seasons are changing so are some people's lives as they prepare for college to hopefully pursue their scholastic and personal endeavors. Hopefully these nuggets of wisdom prove to be useful as well as the tips from some of my most trusted confidants.
Inside Higher Ed noted Wednesday that WVU had restored the controversial statement, which can also be viewed on the Mountaineers
Last semester a former student submitted an editorial to the student newspaper referencing, among other things, how I helped him understand the privilege that he experiences in society. That is what I consider my greatest accomplishment.
While waiting for science to answer questions for 300,000 West Virginians, restaurants, clinics, and other water-based businesses -- those that can afford the cost of bottled water -- will likely outlast this crisis. Some restaurateurs, like Meena Anada, who owns Little India with her husband Harish, may use bottled water forever.
"Burning a couch isn't cool," says a student. "It can cost you a lot more than you think." Such as money! Although this PSA
A West Virginia University student died Monday evening in Australia while on a University sponsored international exchange
The Morgantown Fire Department responded to 18 street fires and 11 dumpster fires between Thursday and Monday morning, Captain
Describing a video as "why YouTube was invented" may seem like a stretch in many cases. This is not one of those cases. Because
Nike's blatant advertisement for devastating strip-mining and mountaintop removal operation is one of the most offensive images in years.
He told the Sun-Sentinel that the reason for his decision was simple: "I just wanted to try something new." McCartney did