wwii memorial

There is a line in the musical Hamilton about how we have no control over "who lives, who dies, who tells your story." I
Seven years ago, I started Wish of a Lifetime, a non-profit that grants lifelong wishes to the oldest people in our country, because they are the forgotten ones and we aim to change that.
“We thought the Senate would take the long view of this and see the policy implications of adding a Christian prayer to a
There is a "philosophical logic to it," he said. "Jefferson was a big limited-government guy!" Hudgins told HuffPost that
I'm a WWII veteran myself. I like that the men and women who served alongside me can visit the monument in their honor. But maybe a better tribute from our Tea Party politicians would be to step away from the cameras and end this shutdown that they themselves created.
Tourists who had bypassed the barricades blocking the memorial were mingling inside it until a few minutes before Priebus
With Congress unwilling or unable to pass a measure to fund the government, federal officials were forced to announce a shutdown on Tuesday, bringing with it a closure of national parks and memorials.
"If Harry Reid and the president want to keep the parks closed -- I mean, did you read the story today?" Paul asked Fox's
Read Shane's entire piece on the scene at the World War II Memorial here. This could have proven a huge inconvenience for