Now we are about to experience another leap forward -- in the next five years almost every human will be connected by a device to the net. Only those under one may escape being connected, although many of them will no doubt be playing with their parents' devices.
The World Wide Web turned 20 years old on Tuesday. On April 30, 1993, the Web went public for everyone to use (for free) and two decades late CERN, the organization that brought us the Web, has brought the first website back to life at its original address.
Because nobody understood the Web yet, the site had a page called "What's out there?" that explained how to use the Web. (Much
What are your thoughts on threatening Facebook posts? How should these digital situations be handled by the government? Sound
On Aug. 6, 1991, a scientist at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) named Tim Berners-Lee unveiled a project
On the 10 scale, for service and price Southwest lands a big 10 for their Internet roll out. FireFox needs a tweak to enter this Brave New World, if anyone from Mozilla is reading.
1. Better closure rates because of the ability to accurately target 2. Low KYC and Compliance workload for bank/customer
Technology has grown by such leaps and bounds since 1969 that it's hard to conceive how things were before we all had access to computers.
The Father, Son and Two Holy Ghosts comprise the spiritual basis of The New Economy Church of Net Neutrality & Equal Access, set to become the biggest congregation on Earth.