wyclef jean

"Black man with red bandana robbed a gas station as I was in the studio working but I'm in handcuffs?"
Xenia Ghali sat directly across across from me. You knew right away that you were talking to a star. Her spirit was larger
"Her unique sound has fused Bhangra music with some traditional hip-hop."
On a hot mid-August summer weekend in Richmond, Virginia, thousands of music lovers gathered for the seventh annual Richmond Jazz Festival.
A humble man from humble beginnings, he's on the buttons himself and shares real things that happen in the moment and behind
If that sounds like a dream, consider B. Howard's experience as the son of R&B singer Miki Howard who had Joe Jackson for
At this past weekend's Symposium Stockholm, writer, producer, and artist Wyclef Jean made his feelings for the Scandinavian country known during a panel he sat on with Andreas Carlsson and Peer Astrom.
The 2011 Haitian presidential election of was full of surprises. Grammy Award-winning artist Pras Michel had convinced his
"As musicians, we are constantly just writing music every day in the studio. Then once in a while we get an itch to put out a body of work. For me the itch came back after I ran for President of Haiti and went through the fire and came back home."
During a time when so much of hip-hop is saturated with blatant sexual references, we have Joey whose album dropped on what is hard to believe is only his 20th birthday. The album permeates with an introspection and lyricism found in someone much older than Joey's 20 years.
The highlight of this month's workout music round-up is the balance it strikes between perennial favorites and relative newcomers. By veering between the two, the mix manages to send both familiar and fresh at the same time.
To learn more about the experiences that Share the Sound of an AIDS Free Generation is offering (which includes a backstage