Wynton Marsalis

Dan Ouellette, Senior Editor at ZEALnyc, writes frequently for noted Jazz publications, including DownBeat and Rolling Stone
A Wynton Marsalis protégé and the winner of the first Thelonious Monk Competition in 1987, Roberts was born in Jacksonville
Granted it's only a one-night shot (scaled down from what it used to be), but globalFEST (globalfest.org) is a multifarious
This past weekend's program featured the appropriately titled: "The Jazz Age: Untamed Elegance," a sampling of some of the
Buddy Guy's reputation assured that the evening would be entertaining. I'd also looked forward to seeing Spokane's Fox Theater
But what statistics don't reveal is the fierce loyalty, love and dedication that this music brings to those who embrace it
It's hard to think of a political candidate who's induced such a mixture of horror and comic glee as Donald Trump. In fact, his most lasting legacy may be an unprecedented mother lode of Trump-inspired art, comedy, and commentary.
If you have ever had a chance to catch Wynton Marsalis' Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra "live", it's a good bet you have seen the larger than life presence of Sherman Irby upfront in the saxophone section.
Gershwin may have been one of the progenitors of the Jazz Age, but he is remembered mostly for his popular songs and Broadway
Many episodes of history are distasteful when judged by today's standards but that does not mean they should be airbrushed
Jazz trumpeter Wynton Marsalis was the honoree at the 2015 Marian Anderson Awards. Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter presented Marsalis with the award after a gala dinner and concert event at the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts in Philadelphia on November 10.
Past recipients include Richard Gere, Mia Farrow, James Earl Jones and Jon Bon Jovi.
The Piedmont of Virginia, which starts about an hour outside of Washington, D.C., is defined by the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, which in the right light, actually do cast blue and even purple.
My advice for newcomers: skip the pundits and lean in to innovative change agents -- the "makers" who work across the spectrum of business, arts, education and politics. You know an event is a success when your hope for the future is renewed.
Almost all of the audience stood and sang and cheered the entire time as if at a rock concert. And after, the musicians would retreat to eat and jam at villas into the early hours, hosted by Italians who opened their hearts as well as their homes.
Stage and screen icon Liza Minnelli teams up with jazz legend Wynton Marsalis for "Until The End," a new song which will
Chris Botti: The trumpet doesn't care about the national anthem or anything, it's just going to beat you down every day. So you need to practice it hours and hours and hours a day; otherwise it will take control of you rather quickly.
"People, Product, Profit...in that order." Keith sharing one of his management philosophies. For many years I had the great