Deleting a photo simply tells the software that runs your phone to *hide* the photo until, eventually, it gets overwritten.
Out of the blue, in her fast-clipped voice, she said, "I added a new word to my vocabulary...DELETE. Been there, done that with women who play the one up you game and are boring!" is a page full of links -- not ugly blue hyperlinks but links disguised as buttons. Each button represents an online service; anything from LinkedIn to Skype to Wikipedia.
In addition to its primary purpose of teaching people how to delete their accounts -- and serving as a one-stop shop for
Zach Carter joins Josh to discuss Steve Lonegan's racially charged tweet.
In other casting news... Seth Green has joined "Delete." The "Robot Chicken" actor has joined the cast of the four-hour miniseries
My so-called friend deleted me on Facebook because of an accidental slip-of-the-tongue. She talks about me behind my back and when I try to apologize, she ignores me. What should I do?
Burger King's new marketing campaign -- called the WHOPPER Sacrifice and created by Crispin Porter Bogusky: Delete ten of your Facebook friends and you're rewarded with a coupon for a free Whopper.