x-men apocalypse

Evidence that atypical stories (for Hollywood, anyway) are definitely worth telling.
  Don’t get mad when it’s on a poster. When the violence is one comic book character against another. Don’t get mad because
Director Bryan Singer seems open to the idea.
True, it is overstuffed, a favorite word used by most critics. Even so, things do coalesce. Bryan Singer as director and Simon Kinberg who crafted the screenplay did very well on this go around by also producing a more muscular film.
This week the MovieFilm gang dives deep into a spoiler-filled dissection of the latest -- though far from greatest -- entry
You have mentioned that this movie and the X-Men franchise is different than other superhero movies because it dares to focus
Polytheism assumes a messy world of evolution by tooth and claw as well as by friendship and community, a world of contradictions
While I eventually became uninterested in the original X-Men movies, X-Men: Apocalypse now has me excited and curious to see where this franchise might go, how screenwriters will weave the storyline into recent history, and how its talented cast might reinvent and deepen their characters.
Part of the problem here is Apocalypse himself. Now, this is tough for me to say, as one of the dings against these films