Here's an interesting water-cooler stat for you: In 1973, 28 movies received an X rating. In 1983, only one did. When looking at today, most parents don't hesitate to bring a 10-year-old to a PG-13 movie. Is that a good thing?
Is this sexualization of the American zeitgeist a passing phase, or have we permanently discarded our puritan roots?
If it's a case of monkey see, monkey do, Herreros didn't say Visit El Mundo to learn more about Gina's behavior (text in
"It was one of those calls you get from parents where you say, 'Really?'" Emerson told Reuters. "Then it turns out to be
For some reason, the abductors began arguing with each other and tossed him out of the vehicle, Bishr claims. After refusing
From Silicon Alley Insider: Google's (GOOG) YouTube is the runaway winner in the general-purpose Web video sharing market