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My schooling was this and mostly it was on the organ. Because when my teacher died, I substituted him, it became mine and
Of particular interest to me, in this strong and exceptionally cheerful festival, was Rithy Panh's new film, Exile. Panh
It is par for the course at the Cannes festival that the press is taken aback by the jury's decisions. What made this year
"I don’t think that you’d say 'Have you seen this black movie?' And hopefully in 10 years we won’t be using those tags and those labels."
Xavier Dolan stars in, writes and directs psychological thriller "Tom at the Farm." After the sudden death of his lover, Guillaume, Tom (Dolan) travels from his home in the city to a remote country farm for the funeral. Upon arriving, he’s shocked to find that Guillaume’s family knows nothing about him and was expecting a woman in his place.
Testing the definitive outlines of storytelling while exploiting the spectral potential of cinema, a few recent movies about childhood achieve an illuminating balance.
Now, with Mommy, the easy-on-the-eyes filmmaker has been catapulted in to the top ranks of world directors -- up there with Almodovar, François Ozon and Paul Thomas Anderson.
What is it like not acting in this film, as well as “Laurence Anyways”? Very cruel. I don’t really mind not being a part
In fact, sexuality is not meant to be the focus of Dolan’s films. The "Mommy" director assured that he doesn’t take issue