By Joe M. Ricks Jr., Ph.D., chairman, Division of Business at Xavier University, and past president, HBCU Business Deans
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“I understood that racism in America never truly died,” the man said of the experience.
Xavier University of Louisiana announced a plan to help advance the sainthood causes of five black American Catholics.
The program will give $25,000 each to Xavier University, Wilberforce University, Tuskegee University and Bethune-Cookman University.
Black Voices
Ariyana Davis said it was important for her to go to a school "that feels like home."
____ 1. Her school, established in 1904 in Daytona Beach, Florida with $1.50 is today a coeducational university that carries
I am reminded many times in my research that women are invisible throughout history. While preparing a recent presentation for the women's auxiliary of the Knights of Columbus, I discovered two American women Roman Catholic saints of whom I was not aware.
Culture & Arts
For Xavier, students were sent scripts and audio files to memorize while they created a look based on their interpretation
DeBoer wants "these bright, passionate students to remember that the best legacy of student activism lies in shaking up administrators
But for those wanting more of Georgia State's underdog drive, Hunter said to just wait until next year. "I don't want these
H/T BuzzFeed That was too much for Xavier to handle, and -- as if on cue -- he began wailing. When the toddler's mom, Erica
Today, we are able to exercise our religious beliefs because of the courageous women and men who came before us. Let's learn about some of the women who strove for religious freedom.
Everyone hates a bully these days, and I applaud the FDA's attempt at innovation, but young people know that the real life
Good News
As a general rule, Xavier has no business recruiting basketball players currently in middle school, but young Trey isn't
As guitarist of world-renowned electropop band Scissor Sisters, Derek Gruen (aka "Del Marquis") never truly let his voice be heard. But now with the Sisters on indefinite hiatus, Gruen has stepped up the spotlight with his new album Cosmos.
New York
Performance of the night, Joakim Noah in the Chicago Bulls win over Philadelphia. He's the first player in NBA history to have at least 20 points, 20 rebounds, 10 blocks and shoot 65 percent in the same game.
Over a decade ago, local leaders and Louisiana State University hatched plans to make Mid-City New Orleans a bio center. Economists cited a need to diversify beyond tourism, but residents have questioned the destruction of Lower Mid-City homes to make way for the BioDistrict.