Xcel Energy

Regardless of who is in the White House, a new Sierra Club analysis has found dramatic reductions in carbon pollution from
"I'm not going to build new coal plants in today’s environment.”
Our opponents are Charles McConnell, who was Assistant Secretary of Energy for Fossil Fuels in the first Obama Administration
Through university courses, conferences, and reports facilitated by academic staff, the utility industry and its trade association, the Edison Electric Institute, have boosted lobbying efforts targeting state government officials and decision makers.
I know just how much work Minnesotans have put in over the years to pressure Xcel and other state utilities to build more clean energy.
Is Xcel billing ratepayers for the cost of attacking ratepayers who go solar?
Like many other corporations looking to make hay out of the environmental movement, Xcel has been greenwashing with gusto. The new image comes replete with chirpy narration, crisp graphics and opaque accolades.
If utilities continue to rely on their comfortable monopolies, more and more consumers are going to demand a change.
Xcel Energy has chosen to ignore the public -- its own customers. The utility wants to roll back net metering, a critical
According to Xcel, the current rate includes a "hidden subsidy" that its other customers without solar panels are having
"We think that will be the net impact of the various policies that various government's around the world impose in efforts
Will it be another example of how a corporate monopoly buries its political and economic opponents? Or will it be Boulder's shot heard 'round the world of locals taking charge of their energy future?
This month marks the anniversaries of two notable events, decades apart yet related in terms of historical impact, awareness of vulnerability, and challenge to business as usual: the Arab oil embargo 40 years ago and Superstorm Sandy, which hit the Northeast on Oct. 29 last year.
Imagine earning fourteen percent with no competition -- nice return if you can get it! In fact Xcel's profit margin on electricity
According to financial filings with the city, Xcel has spent $14,214 this year on political activities related to the election
For more information on New Era Colorado's campaign against Boulder's new ballot initiative, visit their Indiegogo page. Still
New Era decided to up David's chances, using a crowdfunding platform to raise resources that will allow the grassroots organization to go head to head against Goliath, which in this case is a multi-billion dollar utility giant.
They also said "firmed wind power" isn't a product that can simply be bought on the market. The Boulder City Council is scheduled