She went full "Warrior Princess" on her former co-star.
The warrior princess might be getting a comeback. NBC and NBC Universal are apparently following the trend of the remake
Pet owners are often portrayed as rescuers, with their newly-freed animals seen as rescued. But that exchange of generosity and appreciation goes both ways. We give to animals because what we get in return is immeasurable.
These are all shows that deserve wider attention but weren't big hits when they first aired.
"ST. ELSEWHERE" "ALIAS" "LOST" "FRIENDS" All good things must come to an end, even our favorite TV shows. Viewers said goodbye
When it comes to ladies on this list, we say bring it on. And because we can never have enough female empowerment on television
Lawless has discussed the idea of a "Xena" reboot and possible hiccups before. "The whole trouble with it was there was some
You can't keep a good warrior princess down -- "Xena" may be coming back with a revival! Twelve years after the series ended
May 14 marks the 15th anniversary of the "Seinfeld" finale, an event that attracted over 76 million viewers and divided opinions