xeni jardin

Boing Boing co-founder Xeni Jardin says Birch Bayh assaulted her in front of two men.
The Internets are abuzz once again with news that Apple will release a new version of iTunes today. But what should it release?
Matt Stone and Trey Park unveil their 200th episode tomorrow in which they bring back and mock every celebrity they've taken
What the "Internet Freedom Act" would do is to allow Internet service providers to privilege their own content over competitors by slowing or blocking access to other Web content. It keeps alive the recent tradition of ironically named laws.
Did anyone ever actually look at this image and think, for even one millisecond, that it was real? Filippa Hamilton's body was manipulated to such an irrational extent that it ceases to look human.
Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding are the Mighty Boosh, a comedy team that have spawned a radio series, a BBC television show