xi jingping

Winnie the Pooh has reportedly been banned from Chinese social media.
Xi Jinping said his country would also assist the African Union.
This week, Chinese President Xi Jinping will arrive in Washington D.C. to meet with President Barack Obama. It will be President Xi's first state visit to the U.S. and an impressive--and tight--itinerary of bi-lateral talks, meetings, banquets and receptions await him.
Clearly, the Philippines continues to see the AIIB as some kind of Chinese Trojan horse to buy the loyalty of neighbors and some measure of territorial acquiescence in exchange for economic carrots. Manila is also not comfortable with China having huge presence in its strategic, infrastructure sectors.
At 70, "The Lady" remains the leading voice for democracy in this strategic part of the world. Much depends on how she uses that voice from now on. The fall election will be the first relatively free ballot in 25 years -- and she needs every vote she can get to reduce the military's grip on the government.
Chinese marketers - indeed, marketers everywhere -- need to "rebuild" corporate structures to align assets. True, "pain from change" is unavoidable. But downward vortex of commoditization will be more difficult to bear.
According to Foreign Policy, there are several reasons that Putin's action may have been deemed inappropriate for Chinese
All the talk of the Arab Spring painfully reminds us that life for the Uighur people resembles a cruel, endless winter. That is why the United States must use the occasion of future Chinese President Xi's visit to take the lead, and begin the thaw we pray for.