This advantage, however, should not be taken for granted. In some sectors, local players are lifting their game. China's
To that end, the opening keynote on Nov. 1 featured a variety of announcements that directly impact Unity's stake in the
China presents a fascinating place for startup founders or founder-wannabes. Despite its status as the world's second largest economy, it is still considered a developing country with plenty of space for technological and social disruption.
Only one Asian phone company has publicly backed Apple in its fight with FBI.
If China fails to turbocharge its capacity to innovate, the country will experience a hard economic landing and social stability will be threatened. But can China evolve into an innovation powerhouse? The jury is out.
Chinese marketers - indeed, marketers everywhere -- need to "rebuild" corporate structures to align assets. True, "pain from change" is unavoidable. But downward vortex of commoditization will be more difficult to bear.
Now we are about to experience another leap forward -- in the next five years almost every human will be connected by a device to the net. Only those under one may escape being connected, although many of them will no doubt be playing with their parents' devices.
Xiaomi, whose attraction is its price and high technical specifications, does not win points for cutting-edge design. ZTE