xu bing

The Louvre Museum has withdrawn a sculpture from its upcoming program for being too sexually explicit.
Guo Xi, There never should have been an artist named Jia Siwen, 2012-2014, installation view at Asia Society Texas Center
From the historical to the contemporary, from city centers to the far-flung reaches of the Arctic Circle, there is an abundance of events and exhibitions drawing art lovers to the northernmost reaches of Europe.
The Venice Biennale is built on paradox and contradiction: against the grain of globalization, the Biennale follows a model of representation by nation-states, and its non-commercial structure is undermined by the extravagant cost of mounting an exhibition there.
For one year, the museum will invite 100 artists -- local, national and global -- to choose individual works of art or galleries that spark our imaginations. There will be five seasons, and I am very excited to be a participant in one of the upcoming seasons!
The "Phoenixes" will be on display in Massachusetts until November, when the installation moves to New York City's Cathedral
In 1999 I visited Duke University to give a lecture. When I entered Durham I was immediately aware of the scent of tobacco