The Yamaguchi-gumi, a local crime syndicate, will not be handing out candy to children at its headquarters this year.
Forty years ago there were at least 1.2 million African elephants. Today, there are less than 400,000 elephants remaining. Thirty-five thousand beasts are poached each year. At this sickening rate of extermination, elephants will be extinct, which means gone forever, by 2025.
Al-Jazeera's toned-down coverage is surprising and ironic in light of the current media landscape. Indeed, al-Jazeera America is launching at precisely the moment when cable news is cratering in the public imagination.
WASHINGTON, Sept 27 (Reuters) - The United States on Thursday imposed sanctions on Japan's second largest yakuza crime syndicate
The Brown family of Kentucky claim to hold the biggest collection of contemporary art in North America, and they're scattering it in the bars, lounges, restrooms and elevators of their hotel group, which they're marketing as "museum hotels."
Quiz time for all you musical theater fans: what is the name of the American musical inspired by two completely naked and totally threatening Japanese gangsters, or yakuza, covered from head to toe in Technicolor tattoos?
Kitano creates a neon- and fluorescent-lit environment, in which homage is paid to tradition, but only as far as it serves
Regardless of the motive, the shooting of controversial Brazilian ex-referee Arturo Godoi should remind sports fans everywhere it's getting tougher to tell the difference between competition and entertainment.
Several months ago, I introduced you to Jake Adelstein, the fearless-to-a-fault Jewish-American reporter who spent 12 years
The question of pleasure in movie violence is key to how one takes Takesha Kitano's newest film Outrage, which premiered this week at Cannes.
Watch CBS News Videos Online Despite a long list of patients in need, Tadamasa Goto, a man described as Japan's John Gotti
I travel to Japan every month for the Polaris Project. I also still write for Japanese magazines. I just write under a pen
What fascinated me, someone who lived briefly in Japan as an eager undergrad more willing than able to penetrate the insular
Until he lost his job last year, Yamada, who prefers not to reveal his real name, was a member of the Sumiyoshi-kai, one