Yale men's basketball won an upset victory over Baylor on Thursday. But for many Yale students, this first ever NCAA victory is overshadowed by a discussion of campus rape culture centered on the basketball team.
"Sometimes it's hard to talk about these issues because they're very personal," Salovey said. "People have a right to expect
"Yale takes all violations of its sexual misconduct policy extremely seriously, even if they do not meet a criminal standard
The lengthy op-ed by professor Jed Rubenfeld, published in Sunday's edition of the Times, addresses the ongoing debate on
"The court agrees that a reasonable jury could conclude that further encounters, of any sort, between a rape victim and her
To tackle the growing problem of campus sexual assault, Obama announced the White House Task Force to Protect Students from
The school released the set of hypothetical scenarios with fictional accounts of sexual misconduct to illustrate how the
"By using the term 'nonconsensual sex' in its Report, Yale appears to reinforce the rape myth that there are two tiers of
The victim said the male student was "severely harassing" her and one night in December, just before winter break, attempted
"Do we have to press Yale to make a glossary of terms of what actually defines sexual assault and sexual misconduct?" Wang