BEIRUT -- The media have played a pivotal role in highlighting the suffering in Madaya, but this attention must not fade away. Such attention is crucial to help ensure that further aid deliveries are allowed into Madaya, as well as all other besieged civilian areas, and that ultimately these sieges are lifted once and for all.
He finally made it safely to the lands of Mozart and Beethoven.
"The vulnerability of civilians in Yarmouk remains of the highest severity."
We, the international community, must speak out for the people left starving by Syria's civil war. All across Syria, civilians are routinely being blocked from receiving the food needed to survive. The world cannot turn its back on these innocent war victims.
Sami was one of the pioneers of the revolution in a time when the revolution meant hope. He participated in the demonstration that took place in the Omayyad mosque. I remember the day. I saw him near the mosque one Friday in June 2011; he smiled at me and told me he would come over later that night.
He also said they "face a double-edged sword - armed elements inside the camp, and government forces outside." UNRWA Commissioner
Things quickly went from bad to worse. The Syrian military put the camp on lockdown in the spring of 2013 and systematically
The camp was already a battleground before the Islamic State siege. Food, water and medical aid have long been scarce for
Government officials could not be reached for comment. Syria's state news agency SANA said terrorists in the camp had prevented
Syrians need a peace treaty to end the war in their country. They also desperately need food and they need it right away. Every time a donation is made to feed a child, the future that can be built from this generous act.
Both Palestinians and Syrians have taken extreme risks to leave the country, including on shoddy boats peddled by smugglers
Nusra has begun the now-familiar process of policing Yarmouk based on their perverted understanding of Sharia. The Al Qaeda affiliate has put restrictions on the intermingling of males and females within various contexts inside the camp.
Gaza, Palestine Photographer: Loulou d’Aki Despite the ongoing conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians, people in
On the day of the third anniversary of the Syria conflict, we must remember: "Just because it isn't happening here, doesn't mean it isn't happening."
"Hundreds of civilian residents of Yarmouk have been killed, wounded or have perished as a result of deliberate starvation
The camp was originally built in 1948 to house Palestinian refugees fleeing the Arab-Israeli war. Since the start of the