Rooster Walk 8 Music and Arts Festival, set for May 26-29 near Martinsville, Virginia, is a week away and just in case you haven't purchased a pass, I'm giving you eight reasons you don't want to miss it.
I discovered Yarn at Rooster Walk Music and Arts Festival four years ago, and they had me at their hit "Annie." I know others feel the same way, so to pass the time until the new album comes out, here's an exclusive premiere of the video for "Love/Hate," which has a fun, retro look, with a nod to the '70.
Loving these pompoms means never having to not say you're sorry.
If you choose to go out, you'll welcome the new year by listening to one of your favorite bands with like-minded fans -- instead of attending some overpriced and ultimately disappointing party.
Watch out, they may want to just kiss you for it.
It was 9:00 p.m. when I left the comfort of my bed and wandered into the kitchen to make a cup of herbal tea. When I turned on the light the peripheral view of a gray blur bouncing up and down set off an involuntary shriek that shot up from my toes.
The culmination of what Gabb, who originally hails from Wales, describes as a cultural heritage festival will come Saturday night when his Irish band heads up a mashup of musicians. "We want to get people out of their seats and dancing."
Rooster Walk Music and Arts Festival is one of the best up-and-coming events you've never heard of. That's about to change. With this year's star-studded roots rock lineup and a new home, you can count on it.