The former sex slaves now work as advocates for the persecuted Yazidis.
This ideology has been documented at length in former eliminationist and genocidal campaigns according to the book "Worse
After spending a night in the city, during which rockets hit outlying areas in three places, Refugees Deeply spoke to a man
The Islamic State is using many for sexual slavery or forcing them to fight for the militant group, investigators say.
When it was his turn to speak, I watched him bow his head as you do when saying a prayer. He trembled his way to the podium.
Investigators say the extremist group is holding at least 3,200 women and children captive.
Now, as ISIS monsters stride through villages, crucifying Christians and burning Yazidis and erecting slave markets the likes
Like most Iraqis who suffered under Saddam Hussein, the Yazidis celebrated the overthrow of this hated dictator but, like the ancient Christian communities of northern Iraq, they soon became the target of fanatical Sunni jihadist groups.
As it transpired, Baba Chawish was a member of one of three castes that all Yazidis belong to, he was a holy man from the highest sheikh (priest) caste. He led a life of piety and celibacy and had authority over the shrine.
In case you missed the story of the ISIS fanatics' conquest of the Yazidis' ancient homeland in August 2014, a recap is essential for understanding the plight of this endangered community that has faced centuries of what can only be described as a genocidal assault.