year in photos

2014 was a year of momentous global developments. Old borders were erased and new conflicts erupted. Established leaders
Welcome to our special edition of "Moving Image," a roundup of the best photos from around the world this year. The following
During a time when "twerking" eclipsed coverage of the war in Syria, and our government literally stopped working over the Affordable Care Act, we wanted to tap into the power of photographs to tell the stories and illustrate both the important and the absurd.
This year, we lost everyone from Hollywood greats to political giants. Ahead, we say goodbye to those who left a cultural
Sharks on sharks, the human-faced dog, a chicken-faced church — we could go on, and we will. Ahead, we bring you some of
A major city went bankrupt, the government stopped working, and the NSA was spying on everyone. On the bright side, gay marriage
Who would have thought a Canadian politician, what a fox might say, and a croissant-donut hybrid would occupy our cultural
As we look back at the major events of 2013, the theme of conflict occurs again and again. Though the world avoided U.S. military